Motivational Quotes For The Muslim Entrepreneur

Quote No.1:

"So verily, with (every) hardship, there is ease." Qur'an (94:5)

Such is the reality of anything we undertake that benefit others, be it in the deen, in life or in business.

With respect to business, most entrepreneurs would tell you that taking a new business through the startup phase can either make you or break you (in more than one way).

But, if you persevere, and avoid resorting to what displeases Allah (swt), you can be sure of a period of ease and comfort twice as better than the period of hardship you've endured.

Quote No.2:

"Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear." Qur'an (2:286)

A Muslim knows that if Allah (swt) has put him responsible over something or someone then he is more than capable of fulfilling it as Allah does not burden us with a responsibility beyond our capability.

If you’re a family person and you have various duties and responsibilities then know that Allah (swt) have given you masooliyya (responsibility) knowing fully well what you’re capable of.

If you suffered a heavy grief or a loss of business or property to the point of destitution, even then, a strong minded Muslim will be able to pick himself up through the power of du’a and tawakkul (reliance of Allah).

Quote No.3:

"Two armies that can be never defeated are the sincere heart and righteous du'a." Ibn Taymiyyah (a classical Muslim scholar)

Muslims are encouraged to deal with each other with the best of intentions.

If we put our mind to doing something beneficial for others, be it in business or in anything else, and we have tawakkal (reliance) in Allah (swt), then there's nothing that can stop him achieving that.

And, remember Allah (swt) always accepts the du'a of the righteous.

So, make du'a, be righteous and go ahead with your plans, putting your trust in Allah (swt), and you will be successful in this dunya AND the hearafter insha'Allah.

If you're not successful in this dunya then may be you didn't do the right actions. And if you are not successful in the akhira then may be there was a deficiency in your heart!

Quote No.4:

"There are two blessings which many people lose: health and free time for doing good." Hadith Bukhari

The older we get the more we notice the passing of time.

But isn't time relative? And is it not logical to assume that the next 5 years of our life would go faster than the last 5 years?

If so, then why do we plan our future with the assumption that time is linear (constant)?! Why do we assume we will get the same done the next 5 years just like the 5 years before?

Trust me, if you factor in your health and free time in the equation then you'll notice that your productive year is shrinking with each and every passing year. This is a fact of life.

Hence, our time or lifespan (ajl) is not linear. It passes faster as we get older. Insha'Allah, something to ponder over.

Whatever you want to do, do it now and do it smart.

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Posted by Nurul Huda on 02-10-2014

JZK - Junayd's comment was more motivational for me then the article itself.

Replied by Abid

I'll try better next time iA. :) May Allah (swt) bless br Junaid with more wisdom and give him the ability to share it with us insha'Allah.

Posted by Ali Noor on 02-10-2014

Good short reminders, I think for me it's #4 and that our future time isn't necessarily linear...

Posted by Junayd Miah on 02-10-2014

JZA for sharing this with us.

For me number 3 stood out:

"Two armies that can be never be defeated are the sincere heart and righteous du'a."

When things go wrong or not according to our plans, do we blame others or do we take account of ourself first and make sincere du'a (supplication) seeking help for us and others?

With me in the process of moving home, so many things have gone wrong and not according to my plan. It has been easy to complain and blame the removal people, landlord, workers etc.... list can go on lol, as it is easy to blame and this is the culture we live in at the moment. I responded by giving sadaqa (charity) and making a lot of du'a instead. This is what Islam teaches and this is why I love our beautiful religion, we take a negative and turn it into a positive!

Posted by Shahid Munshi on 30-09-2014

Subhanallah Alhamdolillah It is important to be committed to do small things regularly as insha Allah there will be success. I was reminded of the fact that a mountain is built of small pebbles.