Seed Ideas

'He has made what is in the heavens and the earth beneficial to you, all as a gift from Him. There truly are signs in this for those who reflect.’ (Qur’an 45:13)

"A Muslim is never satiated in his quest for good (knowledge) till it ends in Paradise.” (Hadith Tirmidhi)

Seed Investments is constantly receiving investment proposals from Muslims across the globe. Although we consider investment in all sectors, we are particularly interested in the following five areas.


“Whosoever sells a defective product without disclosing its defect to the purchaser, shall earn the permanent anger of Almighty Allah and the angels continuously curse such a person.” [Hadith, Ibn-e-Maja]

Internet based businesses are often straight forward to setup. You can run an online business from anywhere in the world and have the freedom of mobility. When the business grows, office space can be secured in low cost areas as location is not a huge factor. And of course, there are countless other benefits as well.

Governments around the world, especially in the developed countries, are integrating public services with the internet in an effort to reduce cost and increase efficiency and accessibility. This, in turn, is shaping consumer habit and building confidence & dependency on the internet. This opens the door for entrepreneurs to think of creative ideas for monetization. There are countless products and services that are yet to be introduced to the consumer via the internet.

We now have online users spending a large chunk of their free time on social networking websites. Entrepreneurs all over the world are taking advantage of this ginormous phenomenon to locate their customers with pinpoint accuracy.

Peer to peer businesses, such as room share or storage space share, are becoming big success. Hence, services and products are increasingly being traded directly between individuals, as opposed to going to a large company.

Research & Development

“...For every disease He (Allah) has created a cure. So seek the cure, but never with something the use of which Allah has prohibited.’’ (Hadith, Abu Dawud)

It is well known that Muslims were once the leading minds, thinkers and philosophers. Ahadith like the one above were once the inspiration and motivation for great discoveries and inventions that the world has ever seen.

There are sufficient number of highly educated muslims today that can once again make it possible to venture into the world of discoveries and inventions.

Building the prototype of a new invention is not necessarily costly. In fact, in 2012, a Muslim inventor from Palestine built Gaza’s first electric car with just $1000!

Inventing a product or a service that uses renewable energy is the latest trend in the world of inventions and helps protect our planet.


Great leaps have been made in the last 100 years in the field of technology. Technological advancements in the field of transportation, medicine, communication, consumer electronics and every other human facet has made human beings more efficient at almost everything they do.

Life would not have been the same without the invention of the microchip, the combustion engine or the television. However, there are other inventions which have also made the inventors millions without the fame and glory; such as the zipper, the safety razor or the toaster.

Any technology that improves the quality of human life by getting something done faster, cheaper and safer than today will fly with the consumers.

Having said this, Islam mandates that the following six things must be protected when considering how the technology is to benefit human civilization.

These are; religion, life, mind, family, and property.

Mobile Apps & Software

“Enter not houses (private property) other than your own until you have asked permission..” (Qur’an 24:27)

At present, personal data and security are the top two areas of concern for consumers and companies respectively. Any app or software developed with security and personal data protection will receive a warm welcome.

If you can think of one device people find impossible to live without, that will be mobile phone. Phones these days are used not only for communication and gaming, but also for buying and selling, watching movies & other videos, listening to music, interacting on social media, taking credit card payments, reading books and magazines, as a GPS device, a medical aid and a thousand other applications.

Soon, all devices that can be miniaturized and placed inside a mobile phone, will be put inside a mobile phone; e.g. TV projection (no need for TV, projectors or cinema!), card payments (no need to have pocket change!), keys (no need to have keys for cars, homes and businesses!), etc.

However, none of these would work without a fully functioning app/software. The best apps or software will be those that are beautiful and elegant to look at, that safeguard your personal data, are secure from vulnerabilities, are super intuitive and user friendly, and are highly efficient and versatile.

Muslim Markets

'By 2050, two-third of the world’s population under the age of 18 will be Muslim’ (Paul Temporal, Islamic Branding & Marketing, 2011)

The demography of the world is changing. In particular, the population of Muslims is growing the fastest, especially those under 18. There is not one major city in the world where you will not find a sizeable Muslim community and a central mosque!

The global interest in the Muslim consumer market has led to the halalification of many businesses, such as in the UK, you have; HSBC (Amanah), Subway (halal franchises) and KFC (local branches).

The World Islamic Economic Conferences in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and London point to an ever growing interest from all major Western brands in the halal/Muslim market. The business leaders in the Muslim world, especially the governments in the Far-East, are trying to establish their own presence for a slice of the growing Muslim market.

However, thereis yet to be a Muslim brand developed which has the credibility at par with the likes of Nike and Nestle in terms of product quality and acceptability at par with Coca Cola and McDonalds.


There is a huge potential for any budding entrepreneur to take a seed project and build it up as high as he/ she wants, no matter what the industry is. The only thing Seed Investments would like to do is be part of that journey and make it a success.

Get in touch with us if you have an idea or the time to invest. At the very least, join the Muslim Seed Network (see the footer).