Seed Mentors

Abid Choudhury

Founder of Seed Investments | Linkedin Profile | How I Came To Setting Up Seed Investments & My 10 Years In Business

'Since 2003, Abid has invested seed capital in a number of projects. He successfully grew some of these ideas from seed to fruition in a short space of time. In Jan 2013, he set up Seed (Buzra) Investments to promote Islamic Entrepreneurship and Shariah compliant businesses.

He is currently scouring the internet in search of talented Muslims to join his dream team of; Creative, Energetic & Independent minds.'

Seed Investments works with talented business people and professionals. Our network of highly competent people comprises Muslims and non-Muslims from the UK and abroad.

Due to the sensitive nature of business, we do not publicise details of our seed investors and entrepreneurs except to concerned parties. However, below are some profiles of some of our Seed mentors.

Taz Hossain

Business Coach and MD of Cogent Growth

'Taz is a rare talent, someone with a huge business experience. He is a very results-driven entrepreneur with two decades of business know-how. There isn't a single business sector he doesn't know something about. He is very easy-going, but at the same time oozes 'think big'.

Taz provides expert tailored advice to companies and individuals on a one-to-one basis. He is one of our top business coaches. He has welcomed the challenge of mentoring our best Seed entrepreneurs through the various stages of their growth.'

Rezaul Kobir

MD of Earl & Grey Accountants

'Kobir is probably the world's most honest and friendliest accountant. His clients are mostly people who have come to him as a result of word of mouth. He has a deep understanding of business and politics. Needless to say, he has a wealth of knowledge about different business types, including the pitfalls and perils to avoid.

Kobir has experience setting up a number of businesses himself. He has kindly offered free business and accountancy related advice to all our Seed investors and entrepreneurs.'

Abu Bakkar

MD of Urban Links Estate Agents

'Abu Bakkar is a very dedicated entrepreneur. His long business experience shaped his path to where he is. He is single-handedly (mostly) keeping quite a number of related businesses afloat. He is not a quitter by any measure.

Abu Bakkar grasps the practicality issues of any new start-up idea very quickly. He has an eye for detail. He has put aside time from his weekly schedule to help Seed entrepreneurs with their projects.'

Kamal Hussain

Brand Specialist and MD of See Through Media

'Kamal is a true perfectionist. He will not compromise the quality of his work for his clients. You can leave it to Kamal to come up with something that will wow you! His understanding of design and brand helped him become one of the best known names in his vicinity. Some of his previous clients were: Connexions, the NHS,, Shell and Princes Trust.

Kamal understands the business objectives of his clients sometimes better than they do! It's for this reason we've partnered with Kamal to help our Seed Entrepreneurs come up with a wholesome brand identity.'

Abdullah Islam

Serial Entrepreneur

'Abdullah is our youngest Seed expert. He's our Mark Zuckerberg in terms of his area of expertise, social interest, and potential for becoming a global youth leader. He's already a celebrity in the online world.

Abdullah is always bursting with new ideas. He is currently looking at ways to tap into the global online Muslim market. He's very shrewd in analysing new marketing techniques and can tell you in an instant whether it's going to work or not, and if not, why not!'

Benjamin Davis (Revert)

Founder of The Gut Health Clinic

'Benjamin is a successful molecular biologist and founder of The Gut Health Clinic. He has a creative approach to disruptive solutions with a decade long experience in commercial biotechnology.

Within molecular diagnostics Benjamin has been an asset in R&D, start up, corporate and consulting roles for multinational giants and cutting edge Silicon Valley ventures. His experience would come very handy to all our entrepreneurs seeking to take their business to the US.'

Maruf Yusupov

Founder of & Co-founder of

'Maruf is a serial entrepreneur. He is a co-founder and ceo of and founder of, building them both to great heights within a very short amount of time. He is blessed with strategic foresight and a desire to spread the cause of the ummah.

With his offices spread across several EU counties he stands in an ideal position to advise our entrepreneurs with marketing, digital strategy and advertising to the Muslim communities in Europe.'

Nazneen Shaikh

Business Coach for Women

'Nazneen is known for her honesty and problem solving skills. She is a self-motivated entrepreneur who has an eye for detail.

Nazneen’s desire to help Muslims live and do business within an Islamic framework lead her to venture into business coaching. She is happy to provide dedicated support and guidance to all our women entrepreneurs until they are ready to go on their own full-steam ahead!'

Ayub Bulat

Managing Partner of

'Ayub and his partners have built a fully-fledged digital ecosystem for the global Muslim community. Their location based service on halal places is now available in over 120 countries! Their project has grown exponentially since the launch of their franchise model.

Ayub has kindly agreed to provide digital marketing mentorship to Seed entrepreneurs who want to take their business to Eastern Europe and Central Asia.'

Please get in touch with us if you want to get in touch with any of our mentors listed above, or if you yourself would like to join this list.