'The Future Is Green: The Future Is Muslim'

>I’ve been reading the book 'Islamic Branding & Marketing' by Paul Temporal published in 2011. The facts and statistics mentioned in this rare work were one of the inspirations that led me to set up Seed Investments.

The statistics mentioned in the book are astonishing and give a glad tiding to the Muslims. It is something quite positive that we can celebrate with our friends and relatives in spite of all the tragedies taking place in the Muslim world.

It reminded me of the verse,

"But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.” (Qur’an 8.30)

Some key points are given below.

1. By 2050, two-third of the world’s population under the age of 18 will be Muslim

This projection is based on current population growth data from United Nations. Do you know what is meant by this statement? This means our children will be living in a world where most of the young people will be Muslim.

This is not news for Western brands. Western brands are all conscious of this fact, and they are scrambling to find ways to take advantage of this fast growing market. Consultancy firms such as Ogilvy Noor provide the research and analysis of how to enter this largely untapped market.

Investment Focus:

Invest in the Muslim youth. They are not just our future, they are the future.

2. Muslims will account for 20% of the EU population by 2050

“Marry those who are loving and fertile, for I will be proud of your great numbers before the other nations.” (Hadith Sahih)

The United States’ Migration Institute says that Muslims will account for more than 20 per cent of the EU population by 2050.

This is because after the baby boom period post World War II, birth rates in Europe have dropped to an average of 1.45 children per couple, far below the 2.1 needed to keep population at replacement levels.

Investment Mindset:

We must remove the minority mindset because we are growing to become a large chunk of the Western demography.

3. "The biggest center for Islamic finance outside the Islamic world.”

David Cameron (the British Prime Minister) declared at the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF), which took place in London at the ExCel Centre on 29th October 2013, where leaders from around the Muslim world converged, that he is to launch a new British Islamic Market Index and the first-ever Islamic bond, or sukuk, issued by a non-Muslim country.

Britain wants to have an image of being a Muslim friendly western country so it is encouraging foreign investments, for example, investments like the one in The Shard (tallest building in Europe, built in London by Muslim investors).

The UK government is calling London "the biggest center for Islamic finance outside the Islamic world”.

Investment Opportunity:

Start looking into various halal financial services and get in there early. There are talks currently going on about halal student loans and interest free startup loans.

4. 7 out of the next 11 nations set to become amongst world’s largest economies are Muslim

The Next Eleven (known as N-11) are the eleven countries - Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey, South Korea, and Vietnam – identified by Goldman Sachs as having a high potential of becoming, along with the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India & China), the world's largest economies in the 21st century.

Investment Direction:

The Muslim countries are soon to become the breadbasket of the world. You should plant a seed there now otherwise your children, if not you, will have no choice but to invest in these economies anyway.

5. At present there are no Muslim brands in the world’s top 100

There are no Muslim companies from the 57 Muslim countries among the top 100 brands as listed by BusinessWeek magazine. Nor are there any Muslim initiatives in the 50 most innovative companies in the world as determined by BusinessWeek and Boston Consulting Group.

However there is a growing demand in the Muslim world for halal-based products and services. Western brands who have very little idea about Islam and Muslims are trying to meet that need as best as they can.

Seed Investments:

Since the Muslim world continues to look up to Western brands for innovation, quality and professionalism, the Muslims in the West, especially in London, are uniquely positioned to launch a halal brand that incorporates the best of the West (anything that does not contradict Islamic values) with the best of Islam.

I welcome your thoughts and comments. Please reply via email or on the website.

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Posted by muhammed rafeekh on 20-11-2015

Great findings...
really worthwhile...

Replied by Abid

Thank you. :) Hope you've subscribed. The 6th habit is coming out soon insha'Allah.

Posted by Saleh on 06-05-2014

What about Islam?

There will be Muslims and they will number many no doubt, where will Islam be?

That is the question.

Replied by Abid

JZK for your question. I've already replied to a similar question below.

All I will add is this:

"Nay, We hurl the Truth (Islam) against the Falsehood (Kufr), so it (the Truth) knocks out its brains, and behold, it (Falsehood) vanishes." [Qur'an 21:18]

I believe, as long as we stick to the Truth and propagate the message of Islam, Allah swt will make sure there is a better future for all mankind.

Posted by baadj abdelhakim on 27-04-2014

I read with great interest your report a real economy that is a Muslim youth , and especially a autehentique power .

I quite agree with you to launch the project change mentality minority.

you évoquiès they are no society in the Muslim world, with proof in the world and in the world-ranked 100 preemiers . well sir I just tell you that if you connaisser economic investment actors, young Muslims say that if you are actually promoter that can be in the future 20 years and placed reconnunu World leader.

the semance yes I'm frightfully anxious to date in cattle and sheep feed , and Muslim food continues to increase , and I know that we Muslims inpertinemment consommont non Halal . Let me explain the Bovine and Ovine World Fillière are managed through large group, large group and these do not actually declare figure and those on the actual feeding livestock.


your ad figures 20% of the world population, so 1/5 of the economy today is not actually being recognized to own Muslim. actually it wrong to go very rappidement and undertake investment to create a sustainable multinationnale with great economy, the substantive work what food. I believe very close as practicable with aloiuée means. The proper investment for the community project must be sustainable to circumvent and improved constantly .

the various sectors in the economy to date if prététudians without interest for students are topical sir, I am starting to get into a new economy and DESZ entreprie research will be to initiate a firm establishment of seed nottement for Halal food market, because today the stakes are high .

to this day many economic player in the West this argument halal logo and who held a large part, must be halal standard is managed by the administrator Muslim, then activate this approach to achieve fast, because to date the occident harvest the money that actually belongs to a Muslim.

abdelhakim Baadj

Replied by Abid

Thank you for your comment brother Abdel Hakim.

Did you use a translating software because I couldn't understand most of it. I am really sorry.

If you wish please reply in your native language and I should be able to find someone to translate it. JZK

Posted by Umair on 22-04-2014

So when the Prophet SAW said we will be a lot in numbers but will have weak Iman, may be this era was being referred.

There are a lot of Christians in the world, despite the changes they went through in the 18th century, after the birth of protestants and later with their effect even on the traditional Christians, but the dominant aspect of their lives by no means is their religion. Aren't we Muslims heading in the same direction ? Gradually adapting modernity, either directly or with the prefix of "Islamic"...you can associate any aspect of Liberalism with this prefix. Islamic schools, banks and financial institutions, beverages, dine-outs and the cherry on top is "its not like its haram...", the most hilarious combination is the Islamic Science without endorsing which, no scholar of Islam today gets to retain his respect and position.

And no one, seems to understand the difference, one of the key aspects of superiority of "that" life and its objectives over "this" life and its objectives seems to have been terribly confused.

Replied by Abid

Yes, there is a possibility that the future Muslims, although huge in numbers, will be weak in their understanding of Islam. But, I think we're passing through this period right now. We're probably near the end.

You see, surveys and opinion polls of Muslims in the Islamic world shows that support for shariah is rising year on year. The Arab uprising and demonstrations around the Muslim world against the hijab ban in France + the Danish cartoons are signs of the growing change in the heart and minds of the Muslims.

The tide is changing, and the snowball effect can not be reversed. But, AllahuA'lam (Allah knows best.)

Posted by Abu Bhakar on 17-04-2014

Allah (ta'la)said in al Furqan"He has sent his messenger with a guidance of truth of (the oneness of lordship)in order than than it will prevail over ALL other systems (of life). However,much people who are opposed, (disbelief,etc..)are averse to it..." Surah Saf.

Replied by Abid